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About Manpilez June 15, 2010

Manpilez is the brainchild of a gaggle of ladies who share a love of rugby, an irreverent sense of humour and an appreciation for a good pair of thighs. We have come together to plug the much neglected gap in Rugby coverage between serious rugby analysis, taking the piss and out and out perving. It is our intent to provide a forum for girls and geeks (and any boys who might be passing by) to read real rugby stories without having to leave their hormones at the door or take their tongue from their cheeks.

Over the course of each season you can count on us for news of transfers, big wins, golf buggies, rule changes, poultry, the haircuts of Ryan Jones and which shade of Ronseal is currently doing the rounds of the changing rooms in Swansea. We’ll even try and curb our Welsh bias… most of the time.

Meet the squad:

Like all good rugby teams we have a pool of top flight representatives on hand for any eventuality:

Lauren – London Correspondent

Though Lauren is a Wirraller in exile, she’s also an attempted Welsh speaker and a fervent Ospreys Supporter. She can be relied upon mainly for bad puns, rants about members of her own team and over-excitability/nervousness when big games come along. Occasionally spotted cheating on her beloved Ospreys with Bath and finding herself at the Stoop far more often than is healthy cause she can get there on her Oyster Card.

Anna – Essex by London Correspondent

Anna boasts the dubious accolade of potentially being the only native Essex girl to support the Ospreys, though her loyalty to the south west London suburbs increasingly lends itself to a certain merry band of jesters down Twickenham way. She may even support Benetton Treviso, depending on the day of the week and who’s playing at openside. One area in which she can be relied upon is the more hormonal bent of the site and due to her appreciation of both the sublime and the ridiculous, she has a vested interest in Stade Francais.

Ellie – Cardiff Correspondent

Due in part to actually being from Wales, Ellie is a more accomplished Welsh speaker and also more sensibly supports her local team, Cardiff Blues. She can be relied on for pretty pictures, a European flavour and the best grasp of the rules. Though our Els doesn’t post very often, she helps us come up with this shizzle.

On the Bench:

Kerrie- Mistress of the Moniker

It was a Six Nations excitement fuelled phonecall with Kerrie that coined the term ‘Manpilez’ 18 months later, this here blog sprung to life after a sunday afternoon chat between the four founders (Anna, Ellie, Kerrie and Lauren) got out of hand…


5 Responses to “About Manpilez”

  1. Nadia Says:

    Thank you for providing yet another thing that will stop me working. YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR MY PRODUCTIVITY! Looking forward to it!

  2. DJ Leekee Says:

    Great blog! Looking good aswell!
    I cant seem to find the Follow Blog button!
    So im replying here so i can click the Send me updates buttons instead (which i think sorta does the same thing!)

    Blues Blues Blues!


    • Manpilez Says:

      Thanks Lee!

      We’re still working on the technical side of things so it may well appear but in the meantime keep checking back! we’ve got loads of Rawr Data player files, including some Blues boys coming up and once the season starts rolling we’ll be bringing the slightly sarcastic female perspective 😉

  3. Sinead Says:

    loving your work ladies, enjoyed the read there, looking forward to more blogs from your 4:) Also…phwar to Ian Evans, and how funny are the Ianto Yak’s, love em!

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