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Naughty Step/Gold Star May 6, 2011

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There’s lots of talk at the moment about the bad boys of rugby but it’s come to our attention that for every West London bar brawl there’s another player doing Meals on Wheels for the Nannas of Mumbles. In part one of an occasional series, we explore who’s been being a silly boy and who needs their cheeks pinching this week.

Naughty Step

If the speculation comes to fruition, Toulon’s Team Manager Tom Whitford is going to need one heck of a naughty step of his own next season. Fresh from giving Gavin Henson his second ‘one last chance’ it’s rumoured the South of France is soon to become home to one Danny Cipriani.

Cipriani has been in the news yet again this week, the self crowned king of Google has been suspended from his current club Melbourne Rebels for ‘Breaking Curfew’ We wonder if he climbed down the drainpipe…

from the Evening Standard

Caught in the act

Gold Star

While Danny Cipriani is out way past his bed time, this week we know one player who at least finishes his tea before his mum has to resort to denying him pudding.

Picture from Waterford Today

Just one more carrot...

Tommy Bowe has been in the press over the last few days encouraging people not only to eat their greens but also to buy them seasonally and locally to support local business and the environment. He even loves his Mum. Bless him.

Words by Lauren, pictures by Waterford today/Evening Standard