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Six Nations Madness: The SuperSaturday Drinking Game March 18, 2011

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So, you’ve followed our guides to the Six Nations, but if you, like us, are having a few friends and beers to see you through the epic slog that is Supersaturday you’re going to need something to keep the mind alert when Brian Moore is moaning on about scrums till everyone is blue in the face.

So here it is; the Supersaturday drinking game, designed to make you cease to care who walks away with the silverware and stop you waging a fatwa on John Inverdale… just.

Take a Sip if…

  • Eddie Butler overpronounces the name of a Frenchman
  • A member of a losing side says ‘they just wanted it more on the day’
  • A member of the Wales team kicks away a promising looking bit of possession
  • James Haskell mentions a brand name. Two if it’s not Land Rover.
  • Someone mentions the Law 19.2(d) incident
  • You hear the phrase ‘the boys dug deep’
  • You see Lewis Moody on the touchline
  • There is a useless singer leading the anthems.
  • A commentator has a girly moment over Sergio Parisse
  • For every position James Hook Plays
  • The Tindall v Banahan debate
  • Someone mentions the Millenium Stadium roof even though it’s got a week off
  • Someone uses the phrase ‘he/they went out there and did a job’
  • Someone uses the phrase ‘we just didn’t play enough rugby’
  • There is a discussion around ‘the kind of selection headache you’d like to have’

Take a Gulp…

  • For every five minutes spent by the BBC talking about England before the France v Wales and Scotland v Italy games
  • For every one minute spent by the BBC talking about any of the other five teams before the Ireland v England game.
  • Mirco Flamingolegs Bergamasco
  • Commentator mistakes Chris Ashton for Dylan Hartley
  • You see Lewis Moody on the pitch
  • Someone brings up 2003

Down your drink if…

  • Eddie Butler chokes on his own mouth trying to overpronounce the name of a Frenchman
  • You see an Ash Splash
  • FIGHT!
  • Someone comes off through injury – mark of respect, innit!
  • Tommy Bowe starts singing
  • Richey Grey has a dicky Tummy from eating too many happy faces

Drink everything in sight if…

  • An Irish person acknowledges that Wales should have won anyway.
  • Italy beat Scotland

Stop drinking if…

  • Warren Gatland or Marc Lievremont say something you agree with – you’ve had too many.
  • You think Tommy Bowe’s singing’s aright