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Awardspilez 2010! December 29, 2010

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*** Breaking, er, update***

Due to some nasty girlflu (yes, again, sorry) we’re extending the deadline for nominations till 23.59 on 7th Jan in order for us to get healthy enough to sift through them all, so if you thought you’d missed the boat, haul your anchor back in and send us your nominations! Or something

*** End of Update!***

Well, what a christmas period it’s been. Far from resting on their laurels and stufing their faces with Quality Street like the rest of us (I swear these jeans were loose a week ago), the Rugby commuity has been very busy despite frozen pitches, pipes and cockles. But before we go mad from watching the clips of Mirco Bergamasco and pals dancing in their trolleys on the italian version of Strictly, or cheer ourselves hoarse watching replays of the Ospreys trouncing the Scarlets by a really rather amazing margin, before we  even dare ourselves to look at how The Return of The Tangerine really went we want to take a moment out to celebrate the best moments in rugby over the last 12 months.

Below you’ll see all our categories and until Jan 1st freeform nominations will be open via the comments box, email, or Twitter and the shortlist will be announced on Jan 2nd ready for your votes!

The Clean Off Guy Award for the Most Entertaining Player
on and off the pitch this year there have been moments that have kept us all riveted and amused, from David Flatman’s hilariouslly inciteful column to  Tommy Bowe’s Cheesy grin mid- interception against the Dragons to the night Cai Griffiths’ twitter got hacked, who has kept you in chuckles and flourishes this year?

The Ledge-bag Award for All Round Hero
What player has reached nigh-on deity status round your manor?  Do you trust in BOD or worship at the church of Tagicakibau?
The Chris Ashton Award for Best Try
We know it’s going to be hard to beat the try that turned  England’s Victory against Australia from good to great, but we’re sure you can give us some ideas! What try got your heart thumping and your voice soaring above all others?

The Workhorse Award for All Round Best Performance
Who’s been your lynchpin for the year? Which player stuck out by their reliabilty, presence and leadership?

The What The Shit Is This Award for Best bit of Daft Merchandise
As many of the Manpilez crew spent 2010  with the Daftest Rugby Calendar Ever Created on our walls (Ospreys’ collection of random scenarios) we could’t help noticing that things have been getting weirder and weirder all year. England Rugby Hi-Vis vest anyone? What’s the daftest thing you’ve parted cash with based on its logoage?

The ‘I Gotta Feeling’ Award for Best Game
If you left the stadium or made your post match cuppa with a massive grin on your face, chances are you should be nominating it to us!

The Jiffy screaming ‘DONT PANIC!!!!!’ Award for Most Heartstopping Moment
We’re tempted to just hand this award straight to the last 10 minutes of the Six Nations clash between Wales and Scotland but that wouldn’t be fair to you lot so we challenge you to come up with a more heartstopping moment in Rugby this year! ~throws gauntlet~

The Don’t Call It a Comeback Award for Best Return
Sadly, as ever, we’ve had a lot of long serving injury periods this yeas but we’ve also had people returning in other ways, from Mefin Davies returning to the Ospreys from his time in the hinterland, to Andy Powell returning to the Wales squad after his temporary banishment. Who did you witness coming out of the traps like they’d never been away?

The I Got Your Back, Bro Award for Best Partnership
From Prop combinations, to half backs in tandem to a good old fashioned bromance, who do you think has been most significantly inseperable on or off the field this year?

The #FF Award for Best Tweeter
Too many tweets make a ruck these days it would appear, as eggchasers all over the globe took twitter to their hearts almost as much as they did Nandos. Who would be on your Follow Friday list?

The Barry Scott Award for Most Hilarious Advert, Promo Moment or Photo Shoot
As gutted as we were that Lee Byrne’s Cash 4 Gold ad got pulled, the Rugby communuty have bevertheless kept us entertained with their random this year. There was Bath Rugby getting in bed with a load of teddybears then a few days later becomming firemen the Ospreys making Coffee for commuters in Swansea, High Wycombe Wasps turning up on Britain’s Next Top Model and in a last gasp moment, the Italian Rugby team stripping on ‘Let’s Dance’. We’re sure there’s more so send us your sources of amusement.

The It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time Award
We’re sure at 5am Andy Powell genuinely thought heading down the M4 in a golf buggy seemed like the best thing to do, and we’re pretty sure Gavin Henson still thinks letting Dermot Murgnaghan electrocute him was a sweet deal but what clangers made your gong ring?

The Oh Daddy Award for Hottest New Father
2010 seems to be the year of settling down, even The Duck Wrangler got in on the act so who’s newfound parentage made you ‘aaaaaw’ the loudest?

The ‘Where’s Mine?’ award for Best Kit
Bias and the fact it goes with nearly everything I own woud make me vote Ospreys for this one purely for it’s black and purpleness but there are some jerseys out there certainly giving them a run for their money, Fiji and Tonga to name but two. Which have you been proudest to don on matchdays this year?

The ‘You want me to wear WHAT!?’ award for worst kit
There have, however been some absolute turkeys this year, special mention goes to the bad acid trip of the Stade Francais and the horrific lilacy-grey Leicester away kit which even Tom Croft struggles to look hot in. If you’ve considered switching teams just for decent threads, we want to know!

The Sorry I Forgot What You Look Like Fully Clothed Award for Hottest Photo
As the nekkid calendar count rises, which Month did you have to use the protective cardboard to fan yourself with? Which magazine did you shove in a paper bag before you left the shop? and more pertinently, who sent your pulse racing on those shiny lovely pages?

The Dropped Hankerchief Award for most Swoonworthy Player
Based on our site stats we’ve got a good feeling who the top two are going to be for this one… but humour us : who do you fancy the most? Which players make you pray for a scrum just to see them bend over and who do you wish you could have your own private ruck with? Go on…. don’t be shy!

Happy voting guys!

Words by Lauren


6 Responses to “Awardspilez 2010!”

  1. Gráinne Says:

    Most entertaining player…Gotta be Tony ‘Mushy’ Buckley. No explanation needed!

    All Round Hero…Dougie Howlett, regardless of breaking someones thumb on a night out.

    Best try…Rhys Priestland, Scarlets V Perpignan, no contest.

    All Round Performance…Ritchie McCaw, he’s unbelievable. Closely followed by Ryaaaaaaan Jones.

    Daft merchandise…My Tommy Bowe mug 🙂

    Best match…fairly dire year for Munster and Ireland but Ireland beating England in the 6 Nations is always good for the feel good factor.

    Heartstopping…gotta agree last 10 minutes of Wales and Scotland was unreal stuff!

    Comeback…I’m speaking about most anticipated here, Paulie’s, let’s hope, he” continue it in the vital stages of the HC for Munster.

    Best partnership…Not been biased but i always feel very comfortable when ROG and Strings are on the same field.

    Tweeter?? In fairness, it has to be Cai doesn’t it?? If he hasn’t tripled Nando’s business then no one will! Also makes me want to boss kettlebells!

    Promo…Tommy Bowe for Eden Park still makes me giggle, with the big black eye on him!

    Good idea at the time…Can i go for rugby league? No? Ok. I dont care, it has to be Joel Monaghan getting some ‘oral stimulation’ from a dog. Although speaking of dogging….no i won’t say anymore!

    Daddy…Donners or Quinny.

    Best jersey…I love the new light blue Ireland training jersey, also the USA one is quality

    Worst jersey…Edinburgh’s Challenge Cup jersey.

    Topless…Danny Care in the Rugby Heroes Calender one of the most beautiful things i have clapped eyes on.

    Swoonworthy…no surprise here Mr Thomas J Bowe of Emyvale, Monaghan.

  2. jen philips Says:

    I make no appologies for an incestoid bias 😉

    Entertaining moment – Watching Powelly jump over the ad boards on to the pitch celebrating a try, then run round , back to the seats before he got shouted at.

    Workhorse – Joe simpson, we are worse without little Simmo

    Merchandise – well I got Wasps eegcups at xmas!

    Best game – Beating Sale at EP

    Best Tweeter – George Chuter, he might be a Tigger and not tweet too often but,….well he’s a hooker and very funny…and very very odd

    Cutie – Domonic W in the Heroes calendar, a sweet grin when dressed as well

    Best Jersey The yellow/red 7’s shirt, I want one -and bias be dammed, a proper black/yellow hooped Wasps Shirt.

    Worst – A clip around the ear to any design bod who has put at least two teams of cute-ish blokes into GREY as the away strip. Hang your head in shame

  3. Penguin Says:

    The Clean Off Guy Award for the Most Entertaining Player
    Has to be Huia Edmonds for the chip-kick leading to the Brumbies try… Hilarious that a hooker should attempt such a thing… Also the terrible Darts match he played against Josh Valentine on Piggies v Princess (you might want to check it on youtube, hilarious)

    The Ledge-bag Award for All Round Hero
    Kurtley Beale for the saving he did for Australia on an almost weekly basis in getting over the line…

    The Chris Ashton Award for Best Try
    Have to go with James O’Connor against NZ in HK.. I know its stupid and partisan and Chris Ashtons was spectacular but no way…

    The Workhorse Award for All Round Best Performance
    David Pocock for coming from nowhere to winning the John Eales Medal, and almost displacing King Richie as the worlds best openside…

    The What The Shit Is This Award for Best bit of Daft Merchandise
    Scarlets Curtains, not discussion.

    The ‘I Gotta Feeling’ Award for Best Game
    The pasting everyone gave the Springboks, or Australia v France after staying up the entire night clubbing and watching it from 630am till 830am… Biggest losing margin EVER

    The Jiffy screaming ‘DONT PANIC!!!!!’ Award for Most Heartstopping Moment
    Extra Time try to JO’C during the HK bledisloe, extra time stephen donald missing touch kurtley everything… First win over the A-Bs in 10 games, Only tiem the A-Bs lost in 2010 I can go on…

    The Don’t Call It a Comeback Award for Best Return

    The I Got Your Back, Bro Award for Best Partnership
    Will Genia and Quade Cooper, both 22, both tiny, both more than a little bit mental… Will Genia didn’t break and enter to steal an international students laptop though.

    The #FF Award for Best Tweeter
    Drew Mitchell for lying about going out in Paris when Adam Ashley-Cooper and Matt Giteau were both in the same room calling him out on it, then providing photographic evidence of the fact that he was still the team hotel, tweeting.

    The Barry Scott Award for Most Hilarious Advert, Promo Moment or Photo Shoot
    The weird statistics on the QRUs campaign for 2011… Mot line breaks in the super14? who cares?

    The It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time Award
    Quade Cooper breaking and entering… Managing to get off and then playing for the Wallabies the next week. Ridiculous…

    The Oh Daddy Award for Hottest New Father

    The ‘Where’s Mine?’ award for Best Kit
    The Toulon European kit, anything with Tin Tin on it has to win hands down…

    The ‘You want me to wear WHAT!?’ award for worst kit
    Free State Cheetahs in bright orange or the “anthracite” of England get my vote for this…

    I’m not tempted to vote in the last two catagories as I am actually a guy, and straight, despite the strong attitudes I have about sartorial elegance. Apologies for the Southern Hemisphere bias, but you do need a bit of input from that sector, this blog does make me laugh so much though. Keep it up girls! (Plus it makes explaining the game I love to play and watch to non-rugby initiated girls much easier!)
    Happy voting guys!

    • Manpilez Says:

      Thanks for these Rob, and thanks for alerting us to our over zealous Spam Filter!

      No problem with the bias, we want you to vote for who you want to win, not for who you think we want to hear noms for, and you’re definitely right about us needing more Southern Hemisphere content. We’re working on it, but keep getting distracted by matters closer to home!

      Being a straight guy shouldn’t be an obstacle to having Rugby crushes, especialy in a Women’s Rugby World Cup Year…

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog though!

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